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A country bike Shop that loves what we do

Are you ready to ride? Because we sure are! At Bike Shop San Antonio, we’ve been living and breathing bicycles for over 50 years. That’s right, we’ve been fixing and riding bikes longer than most of us care to admit. But hey, when you’re passionate about something, time flies by in a blur of spokes and handlebars!

Our journey began with a pedicab business, where we learned the ins and outs of bike maintenance like the backs of our hands. We dedicated ourselves to providing the best possible service to our customers, and it paid off. Soon enough, we expanded into bicycle rentals, with a fleet of over 100 bikes that we took great pride in maintaining to top-notch condition.

But it wasn’t just about the business – bicycles have been our lifelong passion. We love a leisurely ride through the city, feeling the wind and the sun on our faces. And we want to share that love with you.

That’s why we’ve created Bike Shop San Antonio – a place where you can come to find everything you need for your cycling adventures. We’ve got you covered with top-quality repairs.

So what are you waiting for? Come to Bike Shop San Antonio and let us help you get rolling! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie to the cycling world, we can’t wait to join you on your journey.

Our commitment to customer service

Our unwavering commitment to providing the best customer service is at the heart of our business. From the beginning, we knew that the key to success in business was to prioritize the needs and desires of our customers. That’s why we started with just a few pedicabs and focused on creating an unforgettable experience for every person who rode with us.

The drivers were carefully selected for their friendly personalities and knowledge of the city. They were trained to provide personalized tours that catered to the interests of each customer. We knew that by making our tours more than just a ride, we could create lasting memories and earn the loyalty of our customers.

As our business grew, we always maintained our commitment to customer service. We knew expanding our offerings would require even more dedication to ensuring every customer had a positive experience. That’s why we’re proud to say that our reputation for exceptional customer service is at the heart of everything we do.

The addition of bike rentals

As we continued to grow, we knew we needed to find new ways to help our customers explore the city. We knew that some visitors preferred to explore on their own, and we wanted to provide a way for them to do so while still maintaining the highest level of customer service. That’s when we decided to add bike rentals to our list of services.

Our bike rentals quickly became popular for visitors who wanted to explore the city at their own pace. We offered various bikes to suit every customer’s needs, from cruisers to mountain bikes. We also provided detailed maps and recommended routes to help visitors make the most of their rental.

Of course, we didn’t stop there. We knew that our commitment to customer service meant going above and beyond what was expected. That’s why we made sure that every bike was well-maintained and in excellent condition. We also offered helmets, locks, and other accessories to ensure every customer had a safe and enjoyable ride.

Conclusion: The future of our business

Looking ahead, we’re excited to continue our commitment to exceptional customer service and community involvement. We know that the Bicycle Repair business is constantly evolving, and we’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and finding new ways to serve our customers.

At the end of the day, our success is driven by our dedication to providing exceptional customer service. We know that by prioritizing the needs of our customers, we can create a business that will continue to thrive for years to come. We’re excited to see where our commitment to service will take us next.

With our top-notch customer service and high-quality products, you’ll be ready to pedal your way to adventure in no time. So why wait? Let’s hit the road and explore San Antonio together!

At the heart of every successful business is a commitment to providing exceptional service. That is certainly true for our company, which began as a small pedicab operation in a bustling city center. Over time, we realized that our customers sought more than just a leisurely ride around town. They wanted a convenient, eco-friendly way to get around that didn’t sacrifice comfort or style. And so we decided to expand our services and offer a range of rental bikes to meet this growing demand. 

Today almost 25 years later, we are now a tiny country bike shop still committed to our customers and community. 

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